How to Increase Female Libido in Different Situations

Female Libido TreatmentWhether you’ve just given birth, are currently in the menopausal stage, or undergoing tremendous stress at work, there are various ways on how to increase libido. Because the deterioration or loss of sex drive can be attributed to various factors, there are also different ways in which you can address and overcome the problem.

How to Increase Libido after 50

There are a lot of women wondering how to increase libido at 45. The recommendations for this purpose are the same as those for shooting up your sexual stamina and interest after the age of 50. Because the aging process can also affect your libido, it’s very likely that older women will start experiencing loss and reduction of sex drive.

In trying to revive this, you should definitely make sure to lubricate and moisturize. One reason why women lose interest is because the act becomes painful and uncomfortable. Dryness of the vagina becomes more common, which is why you may need to moisturize on a regular basis.

Moreover, experts would recommend that you just keep on practicing. According to Health Hub from Cleveland Clinic, you’ll get better as you increase your sexual activity. In line with this, regular exercise and keeping in great physical shape are highly essential. You’ll feel more confident about your body despite your age and will do better in bed.

In addition, you should try to be more adventurous with your partner. Don’t be afraid to use costumes or sex toys just to inject some fun into the act. You don’t need to feel conscious about your age.

How to Increase Female Libido after a Baby

One usual reason that causes the decrease of libido in females is childbirth. Thus, you should try to do your research on how to increase libido naturally so that you can catch up in your sex life soon and not disappoint your partner despite being a mom already.

According to, you ought to take good care of yourself first. Yes, you’ll be caught up in the flurry of taking care of a baby. This is why it’s vital to pay greater attention to yourself too. Get a new haircut or enjoy a spa day and coffee with your girlfriends. Also energize yourself by getting into active undertakings like jogging, aerobics, and sports.

Of course it’s also advisable to try some natural supplements that are known to have wonderful effects on the female libido.

How to raise Female Libido after Hysterectomy

Another common concern for the drop of female libido is right after a hysterectomy (WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HYSTERECTOMY). Learning various “how to raise female libido” home remedies will help you jump back to normal faster. But of course you should consult your doctor first if you’re in the proper condition to begin addressing this already or you still need to go through the recovery process.

According to several studies, ginseng and gingko biloba are some of the natural herbs known to have positive effects on a woman’s sexual drive even after getting a hysterectomy. Moreover, you should also try natural creams for lubrication as well as experimenting with different sexual activities and positions. Even if you’re not in the mood initially, it’s likely that you’ll be once you get started.

Knowing how to increase female libido after a hysterectomy should be discussed with your doctor and partner. Don’t be shy about it because this is part of continuing your physical health and normal activities in the future. Having a cooperative and supportive partner helps too.

How to Increase Female Libido after Menopause

Finding out how to increase female libido during menopause is easy. You can consult plenty of medical books, read reputable magazines and websites on women’s health, and also ask your own physician. Since the menopausal stage poses various concerns and not just the problem of libido, there are numerous researches and write-ups about this subject.

Sexual function is naturally affected because of the loss of estrogen and testosterone hormones in women. Blood supply moving toward the vagina is also lessened. You experience mood swings as well, which can affect your libido too.

In such case, you need to try recommended sex stimulants for women. You can take herbal libido supplements for female use. You should also try using a lubricant during intercourse. What’s more, pay attention to reducing your stress and anxiety levels by having relaxing activities, improving your quality of sleep, and exercising.

Also be aware of how to increase female libido naturally food options. Black raspberries, for example, have been found to enhance sexual desire and endurance. Other experts recommend eating more broccoli, cloves, figs, eggs, lettuce, saffron, and ginger. You can incorporate these into your meal and snack recipes daily. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself heating up at the right moments and regaining your previous sex drive— or even more.